Dance as Fitness

Dance has always been a great source of fitness, from hip hop aerobics, Zumba, pole dancing classes and more. Although these great ideas catch our attention, taking a simple dance class is still a great way to get in shape.

Our brains, love a challenge and choreography can provide that for you. As our bodies and minds evolve from birth, we become ready for new adventures and ways of connecting to the world around us. For example, a toddler finds a challenge in walking and balancing, but the he or she finds enjoyment in getting better with each step. We are still the same today. Learning new and challenging movements makes us proud of our achievement.

Dancers have always had lean bodies because their muscles have to be strong, flexible and light enough for partnering. Taking a dance class will help you gain muscles for that wonderful swimsuit you would like to wear this summer. Movements like plies build the quadriceps muscle. Maintaining a flat back while dancing can help tone back and core muscles.

Finally, dancing feels good. It is something about hearing great music that connects us to the world through our feelings. Sometimes we want to have laugh-out-loud fun, and sometimes we just want to relax. Music naturally does this which leads to movement and dance. It also feels good because it bonds us with others. Dancing connects us in Black culture because our traditional dances are rooted in ancient ceremonies, our history, our connection to the planet and universe, and our experiences as a people. This becomes evident in West African, Caribbean, and even Hip Hop dances.

Ultimately, dancing is fun and attainable for all walks of life. It can be as simple or as challenging as we make it, but the thing to remember is that it’s a great tool to get in shape. Try dancing for fitness. I guarantee you’ll love it!

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